Friday, June 23, 2017

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I am unable to switch on my Handset ?

Please charge the handset first. May be the battery is completely discharged then it will not show the charging Symbol initially. But continue the charging and after 15 to 30 min, it will show Charging symbol. Now you can switch on your handset. If the Charging Symbol is not showing for long then replace the Battery.

The phone is not getting charged ?

Please check whether the LED is glowing or not. If it is glowing then there could be a bend in the charging jack pin. Please check if the Charger is not connected with the handset properly. You can also get the charger checked by using it with another handset of the same brand and model.

Audio from ear phones is not properly audible while calling ?

Adjust volume by pressing Up-Down key while receiving a call.

The hands-free is not working ?

Check the jack pins, if there is no bend get the hands-free checked with another handset of the same model. Otherwise replace it to Service Centre, it will be changed.

I am unable to transfer or receive data through Bluetooth ?

Please check whether the device from which you want to exchange the data is properly paired with your handset or not. If still it is not working then check whether there is enough space to receive the file or not.

No audio in the phone ?

Check whether the handset is in the Silent mode or General mode, and also check the level of volume of the ringtone set in the handset.I any song is not playable then please check the format of the Audio file. It should be compatible with the preferred settings of the Handset.

Unable to capture image from Camera ?

Check Memory of the phone / memory card. If it is full, delete unnecessary data from phone or memory card.

Touch panel is not working properly ?

Please go to the Settings and then Use “Pen Calibration” option and do accordingly. If still it is not happening then contact your nearest Service Centre.

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