Friday, June 23, 2017

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Warranty Terms
Warranty Statement

Warranty Period

  • Effective from  date of purchase
  • If any handset is being carried in mentioning date of purchase beyond 12 months, no warranty support will be provided & will be treated as out of warranty handset.

Service policy  for accessory replacement

Warranty for:

  1. Handset: 1 Year
  2. Charger: 6 months (All Models)
  3. Battery:6 months (All Models)
  4. Earphone:6 months (All Models)

If a customer comes into a service center with an accessory whose warranty is over & if he is ready to purchase accessory, he will get normal warranty as he got when he purchased the handset. If that accessory becomes faulty within the given warrantyperiod, he will get free replacement.


  1. Warranty materials should  be covered under the guidelines mentioned
  2. Warranty of Accessory will be for the same Model

GEE PEE Care Premium Service - Warranty Terms

This  Limited Warranty does not apply if the Product has been exposed to moisture, to dampness or to extreme thermal or environmental conditions or to rapid changes in such conditions, to corrosion, to oxidation, to spillage of food or liquid or to influence from chemical products. Accordingly, GEE PEE does not accept responsibility for any delays in all the aforesaid cases.

GEE PEE will not  accept responsibility under this warranty for the operation, availability, coverage, services or range of the cellular or other network or system. Accordingly, GEE PEE does not accept responsibility for any delays in warranty repairs or for the inability of GEE PEE to complete warranty repairs that are caused by the operator’s delay or failure to unlock any SIM-lock or other lock.

Out  of Warranty Service Policy

If a ASC repairs  a handset on out of warranty chargeable  basis, the customer will get one month  warranty on both part(s) replaced (if  done) & service charge. If that customer  comes within one month for the same  problem, he will get FOC repair. If  the customer comes with other problem  within one month where part is required  to change, he will be charged only  cost of that part required to change.